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The Properties

The Properties of Tokyo Marathon 2025 and Their Use

 The methods for using the properties that are used as the symbol of the Tokyo Marathon 2025 (including the names, photographs, videos, logos, and other designs, phrases and images provided in items 1 to 4) (the “Properties”) is described below.
 The Properties are protected by the Copyright Act, the Trademark Act, the Unfair Competition Prevention Act and other laws. The Tokyo Marathon Foundation (the “Foundation” or “we”), the organizer of the Tokyo Marathon 2025, owns the intellectual property rights for the Properties. Using the Properties without authorization may also result in exclusion from future events.

1. The Name “Tokyo Marathon” as used in text.

・Official Event Name (Japanese)
・Abbreviated Event Name (Japanese)
・Event Concept (Japanese)
The Day We Unite.

2. Tokyo Marathon-related photograph and video

2-1. Using the photographic or video imagery copyrighted by Foundation requires the Foundation’s prior authorization and the following credit to be indicated: © TOKYO MARATHON FOUNDATION

2-2. The following photographs and videos must not be used for commercial purposes without the Foundation’s authorization or in a manner that infringes the rights of the Foundation, the participants of the event and others:

(1) Imagery in which the event name appears in whole or in part.
(2) Imagery in which the event logo appears in whole or in part.
(3) Imagery in which characters of the “Tokyo Marathon” appear.
(4) Imagery in which participants in the event, people involved in the event (including volunteers) or installed objects such as official partners’ billboards appear.
(5) Imagery in which programs, pamphlets, leaflets and other handouts of the event appear.

2-3. Taking photographs or videos during the event is allowed only for the photographer’s/videographer’s private use. Taking the photographic or video imagery for purposes other than such purposes (including taking such photographs/videos for the purpose of publication) requires the Foundation’s prior authorization.

3. Imagery used as design elements, such as the Tokyo Marathon logo

4. Designs, course map (ground, topography), phrases, images and other imagery suggestive of the Tokyo Marathon.

Review for approval of use of the Properties

Application procedure for use of the Properties

The Properties may be used by the Foundation and organizations authorized by the Foundation (including the official partners of the event) and in the following instances.
 The applicant must submit the necessary information by clicking the “Permission Request Form” button at the bottom of this page and entering all the necessary details (including coverage plan) before the Properties may be used.
 After receipt of the application, we will decide at our sole discretion whether or not approval is granted, and the applicant will be informed of the decision.

1. Use in News Coverage and Event Publicity

 This applies to requests to use the Properties for the purposes of news coverage or publicity in regards to the outline, purpose or activities of the Tokyo Marathon.

2. Use other than for News Coverage and Event Publicity

2-1 Use by news media for non-commercial purposes

 When using the Tokyo Marathon photographs and videos or publications, DVDs, websites, applications, etc. that use the Tokyo Marathon name as a title or subtitle, a separate licensing contract is required, and license usage fees (royalties) will be incurred.

2-2 Use for Commercial Purposes

 * Restricted to cases in which use does not conflict with the sponsorship rights of the event’s official partners
 This refers to use for product production and sales, provision of services, and sales promotion (including gifts), and royalties will be separately incurred. This applies regardless of whether users are the news media, companies or organizations.

You can find more details here.

The use of the Properties may not be approved if any of the following “Restrictions involving Use of the Properties” apply.

Restrictions involving Use of the Properties

  1. (1) Cases in which use cannot be regarded as contributing to the development and success of the Tokyo Marathon.
  2. (2) Cases in which use could damage the Tokyo Marathon’s dignity or prevent correct understanding of the Tokyo Marathon.
  3. (3) Cases in which the Properties could be utilized for purposes related to specific political, ideological or religious activities.
  4. (4) Cases in which the Properties could be utilized for the publicity or commercial purposes of specific individuals or groups.
  5. (5) Cases in which the Properties could be utilized for making unfair profit.
  6. (6) Cases in which the Properties could be used in violation of the rules set out in the Property Use Manual.
  7. (7) Cases in which the Foundation determines that the quality and performance of the product or service using the Properties (including the displayed content) does not have a level of quality in keeping with the specified standards nor objective effects.
  8. (8) Cases in which the purpose of use of the Properties, the manner of use, the sales route of the product or service using the Properties or the intended recipients of the distributions and submissions of giveaways, advertising and other information are unclear.
  9. (9) Cases in which use could violate laws, public order or morality.
  10. (10) Other cases in which the Foundation and License Management Office determine that the use of the Properties is improper.

*As a general rule, it will take 5 business days to reply to your request.

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