<To the Registered Runners of the Tokyo Marathon 2021> Together Let's Make the Tokyo Marathon a Safe Event!


We hope to create a safe Tokyo Marathon 2021 together with you against COVID-19.

Utilization of the health-management app, PCR testing, avoiding the "Three Cs" and other countermeasures to prevent the spread will be initiated.

To protect yourself and fellow runners from start to finish, we request for your cooperation and participation in the countermeasures.

■Feb. 24-Mar. 20: Register Body Temperature and Health Assessment

① Install health-management app & register your face photo

② Register your health data onto the app from February 24 until March 20

*Refer here to learn how to use the app.

■March 3-5: PCR Test Prior to Race & Packet Pick-up

① PCR testing kit will be mailed* within late February.
 (*PCR testing for overseas runners will be separately announced.)

② Make sure that your name and contact information is properly written on the testing kit.

③ Complete the health questionnaire located on My Entry beforehand and bring your test sample to the packet pick-up.

④ Temperature check and health-management app will be checked. Be readily prepared to present your smartphone at the packet pick-up.

⑤ Continue to practice safe protocols until the race day.

※Details on health questionnaire will be delivered separately via email in late February.

■ Sunday, March 6 (Race Day)


① Baggage check is unavailable on race day. Come to the start ready-to-go. (Make sure not to forget your bib and timing chip!)

② This year, it's a wave start. Check your bib to refer to your belonging corral (alphabet) and the starting time.
 ・Wave 1: 9:10 (corral A, B, C, D, E)
 ・Wave 2: 9:25 (corral F, G, H, 10km)
 ・Wave 3: 9:35 (corral J, K, L)

③ Maintain physical distance of 1m or more with other runners.

④ Wear a mask until your start. After the start, you can take it off but make sure to carry it with you.

【On the Course】

① Dispose fluid cups to designated trash bins.

② Take fluid from the designated table (table marked with the same number as the last digit of your bib).

③ Air high-five to cheer on each other.


① Avoid shouting, but instead, give the camera your big smile!

② Don't stop and keep moving. Disinfect your hands and wear a mask, and pick-up your recovery bag with a finisher medal included on your way out.

③ To change your clothes, make sure to use our designated outdoor changing area.
*Please do not change in nearby facilities, train stations and other public areas.
*For those who purchased pre-baggage check service, proceed to the designated location to retrieve your bag.

④ Avoid the "Three Cs", and exit the venue when you are ready.

Click here to view details on countermeasures and our request to runners.

2022/2/4 <Tokyo Marathon 2021> PCR Testing For All Registered Runners


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