<Tokyo Marathon 2021> PCR Testing For All Registered Runners


As we announced on December 23, 2021, it was initially decided to include a "vaccine and test package" at the Tokyo Marathon 2021 (March 6, 2022), a COVID-19 countermeasure system introduced by the government to allow the utilization of vaccination certificates as a form of verification. With that decision, we have announced to the registered runners to choose either to present proof of vaccination or take PCR testing specified by the organizer.

However, due to the rapid growth in Omicron infections, the government of Japan has announced to suspend the "vaccine and test package" on January 19, which includes Tokyo.

On the other hand, the government of Tokyo has announced that they would ease the restriction on mass gathering events as long as PCR testing is conducted for all participants, as an alternative to the "vaccine and test package". Taking advice from professionals, we have made the decision to mandate PCR testing for all participants at the Tokyo Marathon 2021 to heighten safety.

To all participating runners, we recognize the stress and inconvenience this may cause, and we are truly sorry for the change of plan. But in order to deliver a safe and secure Tokyo Marathon 2021, we request for your understanding and truly appreciate your cooperation.

As an organizer, we will implement physical distancing, avoid the "Three Cs", and initiate various other countermeasures within the event. From the participating runners, we request everyone's participation in the health-assessment before and after the event, wearing of face masks, etc. to create a safe Tokyo Marathon 2021 together during the COVID-19.

For volunteers and athletics referees, the PCR testing is to be determined while observing other events and active COVID-19 restrictions. In the meantime, strict protocols to protect the health and safety of the volunteers and related personnel will be implemented.

*Volunteers will be notified via email as soon as determined.

The go/no-go decision, initially scheduled in early February, will be extended to February 18 in order to monitor the current situation surrounding COVID-19, and the guidelines set forth by the government. With this, the refund policy effective until Feb. 6 will be extended to the 18th. For details, please refer to our refund and cancellation policy outlined in our official website.

We thank you for your continuous support for the Tokyo Marathon 2021.

  • Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd.