Tokyo Marathon 2021 Go/No-Go Decision In the Current COVID-19 Situation


The Tokyo Marathon 2021 in the current COVID-19 situation was discussed at the Directors of Board Meeting, and the Tokyo Marathon Foundation has made the decision to proceed in organizing the event.

To deliver a safe Tokyo Marathon 2021 (March 6, 2022), different protocols will be initiated, such as, requesting all runners to utilize the health-management app, initiating PCR testing, and maintaining physical distance wherever possible to avoid the "Three C's".

We thank all runners, volunteers and all personnel involved in the Tokyo Marathon for the understanding and cooperation with the protocols.

Please click here to view the COVID-19 countermeasures.

【Reference】Tokyo Marathon 2021 Event Cancellation Guideline
If the event is subject to cancellation ordered by the municipality due to the outcome of a state of emergency declaration and such within a month prior to the event, the event shall cancel.

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