The Medal Designs of Tokyo Marathon 2024 and Related Events Revealed!


We are pleased to introduce the designs of Tokyo Marathon 2024 medals for marathon finishers and related events participants.

■Tokyo Marathon 2024 Finisher’s Medal


The design on the surface is a spherical, 3D version of the Tokyo Marathon logo, wrapped in a Japanese old style band “Obi”. The spherical logo reminds us of the earth and expresses the 2024 race which will bring together diverse people from all over the world.
The wrapped “Obi” represents the inclusive nature of the event, welcoming a wide range of participants. The logo is also designed to resemble a traditional Japanese “Temari” ball, and is intended to express the wish for good marriage and happiness.

On the opposite side, the name of the “Tokyo Marathon 2024” in Braille and the 2024’s concept "TOKYO, My Favorite Place..." are engraved.

We're aiming to make this the world's most welcoming and warm-hearted marathon so that everyone can be true to themselves, performing to their fullest safely and with peace of mind.
We strive to provide a warm and friendly race for all the people involved in the Tokyo Marathon, making it "My Favorite Place" more than anywhere else in the world.
This award medal is given to all runners who finish the race.

■Tokyo Marathon Friendship Run 2024 Finisher’s Medal
*Exclusive to those who made a subscription during entry registration


■Tokyo Marathon Family Run 2024 Finisher’s Medal


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