【Final Ranking is Now Available】 VIRTUAL TOKYO MARATHON 2022


Thank you for joining the VIRTUAL TOKYO MARATHON 2022 held between February 5 to March 5.

We would like to inform you that the final ranking is now available and can be viewed on our official event page.

For Ranking, click below▽
*You can view and download your finisher certificate from the ranking page.

※The record displayed in the ranking are non-certified records acquired utilizing running app. Also, the data may have been influenced by GPS tracking glitches due to location-based factors and may not match with what is shown in your personal devices or the app.
※If you have submitted your screenshot/proof of activity, you will be eligible for the prize drawing if we determine that the record is valid.
※But note, even if we determine that the submitted record is valid, it will not be reflected in the ranking system and finisher certificate will not be available.
※Those who did not properly sync to our system will not be subject for the prize drawing.

Click here to see the VIRTUAL TOKYO MARATHON 2022 event page.

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