Winner's Medal and Finisher Medal for Tokyo Marathon 2021


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■Design Concept

In the "new normal", we can feel greater gratitude for being able to run together, and to have social engagement. Restrictions still continue, but until the "Day We Unite", we hope everyone will keep on running forward.
In designing the medal, we have decided to intertwine different traditional Japanese patterns. We have combined kikko (tortoiseshell) with asanoha (plant leaves), and seigaiha (blue ocean wave) with shippo (seven treasures), each pattern signifying a different element and message.
The back is engraved with the course map, logo of Tanaka Precious Metals and the event theme, the "Day We Unite". By intertwining all designs into one, we hoped to express a unity of positive emotions running high at the long-awaited Tokyo Marathon.

※Engraved date is the initial event date of the Tokyo Marathon 2021 (2021.10.17) before the postponement.

The medal ribbons feature a design based on the tapestry-like Tokyo Marathon logo, in which each thread represents an individual runner, volunteer, and spectator.

During February 16 (sat.) through March 3 (Thu.), the Pure Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals will be displayed at the following locations.
Please come by to check out our medals on display!

■Tokyo Marathon 2021 Award Medal Exhibition

Date: February 16 (Sat) - March 3 (Thu)
Place: GINZA TANAKA 1F, 7-7 Ginza 1-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

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