Economic Impact of the Tokyo Marathon 2017


The Tokyo Marathon Foundation has studied the economic impact of the Tokyo Marathon 2017, held on Sunday, February 26, and has found the following.

Economic impact within Japan Approx. 28.42 billion yen

Economic impact within Tokyo Approx. 16.59 billion yen

[Key points regarding results of estimates]
- Tokyo Marathon 2017 as a whole created new demand worth 13.35 billion yen. The breakdown is: Domestic expenditure of the Tokyo Marathon Foundation (excluding the foreign expenditure, etc.) - approx. 3.26 billion yen; total spending by the Marathon related companies - approx. 820 million yen; charity donations - approx. 310 million yen (all the donations were distributed to the recipient charity programs); total spending by the marathon participants, spectators, etc. - approx. 8.96 billion yen.

- The total final demand, excluding the demand consumed outside Japan, was approximately 12.54 billion yen, and the economic impact throughout Japan was approximately 28.42 billion yen.

- The final demand generated within Tokyo was approximately 9.78 billion yen, and its economic impact was approximately 16.59 billion yen.


  • Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd.