Essential information
for participants
and spectators

( Race safety starts with you )


The marathon may halt
mid-race in the event of:

An earthquake of magnitude 5 or higher.
Any other major accident or emergency
in the vicinity of the course

In case of emergencies,
please be sure to carry
the following items:

A Mobile Device
for important information & updates
An IC Travel Card
for a safe & smooth return journey

Get access to
the latest information:

Download the official app or follow
Tokyo Marathon Foundation on social
media for notifications/
updates on the latest emergency
Tokyo Marathon Foundation App
東京マラソン財団アプリ - Tokyo Marathon Foundation
Download free via
Google Play or the App Store
To receive push notifications from the app,
please adjust your phone settings as necessary.

In the event of a
J-ALERT warning:

J-ALERT is Japan’s official
missile warning system

In the event of an alarm, please
remain calm and follow the
directions of marathon officials.

For your own safety and of other
participants, please avoid sudden stops
or direction changes on the course.